Can We Still Be Friends?

I know this has been said to many of youafter a breakup that may have saw coming, or just shared a very intimate moment with (you know what I mean lol). And the person that you assumed shared the same undying love you had for them (I know I’m dramatic) pops up and hits you with the most hated text…. “Can we talk?”. Then that monster says the line that I am almost positive has been used for centuries, in different languages, and the most awkward places…. “It’s not you, it’s me”. Depending on the kind of person you are, (hopefully opposite of me, because I am very theatrical and I will put on a show he will never forget) you probably tell lies like “I understand”, or “I wasn’t ready for anything serious”. Holding back tears knowing you had already planned your wedding on Pinterest the night before (I’m guilty of that as well). Crying into your pillow wondering what could have possibly happened.

This is where it gets interesting (and the true understanding of why you are able to block people from your life in person and with technology) because while you are eating ice cream and watching Netflix you get a text that reads…. “Can we still be friends?” I fell for this once (seriously I peep game quick) it lasted for about a week. Then I stopped communication, because I knew and know I hold more value (you do as well). And while I was sitting there being a good friend I thought just maybe he might what to get back in a relationship with me…… Then reality hit and I told myself “girl please, ain’t nobody got time for that.” I can’t go from being a “girlfriend to just being another one of his friends.

The way I see it I have enough friends and so does he. I had to realize that that whole “can we be friends” crap was just that crap!!!! He didn’t want me, but he was selfish enough to make sure he stayed close enough to make sure no one else had me. I told myself I’m better than that situation and if you are going through it you are too. Now I’m not saying it is always like this, but always ask yourself why did we breakup, is it just because the other person didn’t want to have a label… and if your answer to that is yes then remeber FRIEND is a label as well. But as for me, if I’m asked to be a friend after a questionable break up the answer is ….. HELL NO!!

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