Love and Me

Dear Love,

We are still on a journey, because you hold so many different definitions and actions. My personal experience holds two things confusion and clarity , meaning that I hate to love the feeling of love knowing that at any moment you can change into your other half which is hate. You can be sooooo much fun sometimes and all of sudden you turn into a bitch. The memories that you leave me with are both bad and good, I put bad first because anger leads to the good memories (in my case). Why can’t you just stay the same I have to fight with and for you, and that shit isn’t fair or easy. You have given me wrinkles from smiles (love those), but the premature wrinkles came from the stress and trying to figure out how love can hate me so much sometimes. I can only speak on my behalf, however I will never stop believing in you! Love really is life you are a endless adventure something like a rollercoaster that I refuse to get off of. I love you Love and you’re giving and have given me so much story. I can’t help but share amazingly Bi-Polar you are!!!!!

K. Brooks

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