So This One Time

This a K.Brooks True Love Story:

I’m literally always minding my business (really I do). My best friend at the time wanted to go to the club and I’m not really a club type of chick, but that night I decided to go. We get to the club and it is a Wednesday so it’s ladies’ night and the music was everything, the drinks just right and the dance floor was packed with some amazing people. Up until that night I did not believe in love at first sight, but I was proven wrong that night…..

As I was headed towards the bar to get another drink, I could feel his eyes on me and when I turned to the right I saw the darkest eyes staring straight at me and through me at the same time. I could feel the goosebumps rising on my arms as he made his way through the crowd at the bar to get to me. I was speechless I couldn’t even tell him my name, because in my head I had just planned our wedding, pictured our dream house, and how many kids we would have. And then the most amazing thing happened he touched my hand and asked me to dance and magically I could walk we danced for the next hour nothing but eye contact, smiles, and dancing. The club was about to close he grabbed my right hand and he was in the middle of asking me for my number and all of a sudden I could talk. Then I felt my left hand being yanked to the point of me letting go of his hand and I was being dragged away by my best friend saying let’s go so we can beat traffic, when I looked back at him while I was being dragged away (my best friend was strong) he was waving his phone in the air implying that he wanted my number, but I just pointed at my best friend, shrugged my shoulders, and blew him a kiss.

I wasn’t sad that he didn’t get my number I was actually amazed, because had I never experienced that I would still be saying that love at first sight is not real. I am thankful for that guy at the bar. I knew that I was in love with him when I looked at him, and it’s sad that some people will never experience that.

The End

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