Stop the Love You Save May Be Your Own

I love The Jackson 5 even though I was born waaaaaaaaay after they came out, when I was in the 6th grade my mom bought me their greatest hit cd (I’m an old soul)! And I loved every song on the cd, however one particular song caught my attention and it is titled, “The Love You Save”. I would listen to it over and over and I memorized the words not knowing the true meaning of the song. I hit probably my sophomore year of high school and noticed that the way my teenage love life was setup I wasn’t stopping or saving my love I was giving it away freely. So I was in math class (only class I didn’t pay attention in, lol) and wrote the words to the song down. When I got to the lyrics that say “Darling take it slow or someday you’ll be all alone”. I asked the teacher could I go to the restroom, and when I arrived I sat in the stall and I cried.

The tears I was shedding at the time were tears of disappointment that I had in myself even though I was young, I knew that the way I was carrying myself was only going to lead me to a life of heartbreak. I wasn’t even 16 yet, but that song that I had memorized in the 6th grade when I was only 11 was teaching me something that I needed to apply to my real life. I wiped my tears and I didn’t change my behavior right away it was a process. I made it to the point that I was not just going to willing let any guy that I came across that complimented me on my looks have access to my heart. I knew that I did not want to end up alone, but I wasn’t going to chase any guy to want me. So just like The Jacksons sang to me and gave me a message that ultimately changed the way I carried myself I will repeat it to you “S is for save it, T is for take it slow, O is for oh no, P is for please take it slow”. So if you are a fast mover in a relationship or you move from relationship to relationship really fast…. Then I advice you to stop because the love you will be saving will be your own and if you just be patient you will be able to give your love to a person that truly deserves it.

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