What About Your Friends?

Back in the day the word “friend” held a lot of value, unfortunately today it is the most fake word used. The word “friend” is just as important as the word love and it has to be used just like we use the word love when we mean it. Friendship is something that has to be earned just like love and trust. Today, we meet someone and just because they seem to be cool we automatically label them as “friend”. Social media doesn’t help at all, we have started to measure our friendships with like and comments.

This post won’t be long just straight to the point. We have to actually interact on a personal level. Like face to face watch each other’s actions, invest time in talking, showing actual interest, going out and having time without posting on social media, and cultivating actual friendships. Friends are real and loving, you can touch and feel them. DO Not let social media fool you typing and liking your posts, because when you really see them on the street you nor them even speak to each other is that a friend. My friends are real and I appreciate their inside realness that they hold the energy that we transfer to each other. The real disagreements that we have and coming to a resolution. I appreciate that I thev real friends that will not slander me on social media. So what about your friends are they real or just on a screen. Re-evaluate the people that you call friends. And then you will know the joke is on you and social media played it on you.

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