Don’t Lose Yourself

I tell women all the time to make sure they completely know and understand who they are before they just jump into a relationship. I learned this the hard way (so many times that I’m embarrassed to say). Some women need to be in a relationship more that a cow needs a saddle (read that again and it will make sense. I see people especially women try to conform into a person that they are not when they enter into a relationship for example they will change their attire, start acting to be interested into things they know DAMN well they could careless about, and burn bridges with friends because they call them out on their fakeness. When I caught the cycle that I was this kind of chick I was embarrassed because pretending to be someone you are not is the most draining thing ever!!!!

You have to know how to enjoy your own company try new things that you never thought you were interested in, know what your heart truly desires. In no way am I saying you can’t become interested our show interest with your man just don’t become what is not comfortable for you. If you start off fake you will end up with a fake relationship and honestly your mind will start to fight you to be your true self, (only if you knew who you were before) and trust me your mind is very powerful. Don’t fake who you are for someone who might just be temporary, because when it is over you have to start back at square one to get to know the most important person that you already knew….. YOURSELF!!!

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