I’m Sorry…. I Thought You Were REAL

Believing in someone and them believing in their own self is so different. I have tendency to see the greatness in people, but just because I see it and want them to see doesn’t mean the will… pay attention to their family, friends, and who they have been in relationships with, because that says a lot… I was in a relationship with this guy and he had so much greatness inside of him unfortunately no matter how much I let him know how amazing he is and how we could build together even through different careers I could see the hope he had, and the love he had for me. He loved me because I saw him for who he was a strong man, or at least that’s what I thought…. turns out he was like a vampire feeding off my energy… it took his father coming to visit for 15 minutes to remind him of who he really was… he changed immediately he turned back into he REALly was…. and I left him because I can’t be in love with potential, he wasn’t REAL he was a thought in my mind… potential is attractive but with out faith nothing happens…. it’s a lot of women out there in love with potential… if they do see this great potential put to work in a relationship just leave… REAL men make REAL moves, but check their circle before you even consider the relationship because if they are not real chances are he isn’t either… the guy I dated was so much fun, but he wasn’t real he was just a good time… I cheated myself by falling for potential… and I apologize to myself and forgive myself for not recognizing he wasn’t REAL..

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