When A Man Brings Up Your Past

Real talk we all have a past whether it be beautiful or a disaster and I doubt that people don’t experience both, however unless what a person has done in the past directly affects you, just like the person’s who’s past you have researched or somebody volunteered information that you didn’t ask for just leave it back there. This is why I tell people to “mind your business”, because information can get screwed up such as timelines and how much truth was behind the situation. People have distorted ideas and eventually it comes out of their mouth and there is one thing I will not argue with is a dude who has no idea about what really happened.

I had a guy question me about something that I had done 15 damn years ago, this was his excuse instead of living in the present and focusing on the future. He questioned something that I could barely remember and 15 years ago I was a naïve teenager, trying to figure out who I was. Men that do that are cowards because they see your shine and your greatness and it is them who can not deal with a real woman so they judge them on something that happened in the past that you don’t even care or think about. It really hurt me when that guy did that to me, but I got over it I just kept saying in my head, wait Toni Braxton kept playing in my head, “He Wasn’t Man Enough for Me”!!! Men that have to dig in your past aren’t secure in themselves. You can elevate them and they know it, they just aren’t man enough to know the difference between a girl and a woman. So they have to tear you down especially if they are catching feelings. Avoid these men they are just boys in men bodies. Sadly enough this happens way to often.

Bring up my past but check out my present, and understand it’s going to make my future out of this world, and maybe I could have gotten to let you in and enjoy this together, build an empire together…. But you worried about som shit I did 15 years ago… moral of this post if you intimidate a man he will do anything to justify why he isn’t man enough like bring up some shit from 15 years ago….

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