I’d Rather Lose a Lover, Than to Love a Loser

Seriously there is nothing worse thatn wasting you love and time on the wrong person, however this happens so many times and we ignore the signs because we have ignored the signs. I have a best friend that says to me, “one thing about you Kelli is you will leave a realtionship without any hesitation.”. And she is absolutely right I’m not stating in a relationship where I am the only one making an effort. It’s women out there that are okay with just having a piece of man. NOT me I don’t care how much I love you, if we are talking about building a life together and I find myself carrying the load alone and you aren’t working at all that puts you at loser status. And don’t get me wrong this goes both ways.

Hell, I can do bad by my damn self without question. I don’t need help feeling alone and miserable. I remember this one guy that I dated and he was talking the right talk but was not walking the right walk things started not to match up. I loved him, but I had to face reality with the situation. I had to walk away I deserved someone on the same level as me and I don’t mean monetarily, but mentally and emotionally. I mean he was a good lover in bed and that was it. That is why I say “I’d rather lose a lover than to love a loser”, it not worth the headache. I know leaving is easier said than done, but sit and picture your future let’s say ten years from now….. exactly!!!

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