Dear Side Chicks

Dear Side Chicks,

I’m writing this to you (whether you are knowingly or without knowledge that you are a side chick) as a former side chick myself. To let you know that I know the feeling of what you are going through. The broken promises, the thoughts that eventually he will leave her, (but then who will take your place) and the ones that just don’t care and you believe that having a piece of man is better than having no man at all. SNAP OUT OF IT, because he is not leaving the whoever he is with and you better believe that 9 times out of 10 you are not the only side chick. And hoping and wishing for something that already belongs to someone else only gets you more in your feelings. I mean like really it might start off fun and exciting however, feelings will get involved and it’s usually just yours. Just because he says he is not happy at home and you are his peace he may be right but he used “peace” in a different way and it’s spelled in a different way as well…. What you think is a peace of mind he means a “piece” of ass.

A man that truly respect you, wouldn’t even put you in that situation. I once thought that being a side chick wasn’t a big deal so it didn’t bother me, I liked sleeping in my bed alone at night, but I had some dudes that were trying to make me the “side chick” start acting like I was the “main chick” (the lies they told themselves). Sis, there are too many men on this earth to settle for second place. I don’t endorse side chicks, but if it works for you do your thing. Just remember one day you will be the main chick worrying about your man’s side chick. And stop calling and starting drama with these women that have no idea about you because the man that you chose and knew was taken makes you mad, because guess what?… you are only putting yourself on the back burner so he can take care of home and then he’ll make sure you okay about a month later. I know this because I’ve been there however I’ve never tried to mess up no ones household (at least not publicly).

So keep your head up side chick because you always have two choices…. get your own man or be satisfied with having a piece of man. Either way know your role in any man’s life, before you decide on what you are going to handle the situation.


K.Brooks (ex-side chick)

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