Cry Me a River

Read and read this clearly…. Karma is real call it the Universe or whatever. But what ever you do to somebody out of malicious intent is going to come back and bite you in the ASS. Be careful what you say, think, do, or want to happen to someone because it’s going to come back to you 10 times worse. And I hate when people say, “why is this happening to me?”!!! I have the answer to that YOU are receiving what you put out right back to you. Speak, Think, and Do, because what you sow is what you will also reap.

I know we have all at some point done some low down nasty gutter snake things, however with forgiveness and recognizing that whatever we did was wrong, we just might be able to skip the brunt of Karma. Moral of the story if you are evil and you claim it, do not ever play victim when that shit comes back and punches you dead in the face. Love covers a multitude of sins. That is why I preach heavily to mind your business and to let God handle what the situation is or whoever the person is. You can’t fight evil with evil, however you can have a seat and watch how that person that is digging a grave for you falls in it themselves. So cry me a river after you see how that hurt you once tried to put on me, misses and hits you full force.

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