Me, Myself, and I

No matter what at the end of the day when we lay our heads down we are alone whether we have someone laying beside us or not. If you are like me my mind definitely wanders and my mind seriously takes me all over the place. Mostly places that have to do with my past like the things I should have done, said, or people that I should have handled differently either way it’s not in the present. I’m practicing now to appreciate that if I had have made or said anything differently I would have still received the lesson, however it may have been in a less enlightening way.

What if I would had said “yes” to that one dudes marriage proposal in 2007 or the other one in 2010, I might not have my second son. My career would have been totally different or I would have still been at that dead end job I was at. Maybe things would have been great, but I’m happy I made those decisions and at the end of every day then and now I was the only one that had to truly feel the consequences of those decisions. Even with friendships I may miss my crazy and fun friends (who are still in the same spot) but I knew that I was I was outgrowing them. I loved them and still do but I had to protect myself.

We can be in a room surrounded by friends, family, and even strangers, however we have to make sure to pay attention that we are ultimately alone and I don’t mean that in a depressing way I mean that in a sense that you have to be able to love yourself enough to evaluate the things and people in your life and if it is beneficial to you…. Self-love and care is important. and when I understood the concept that I only really have ME, MYSELF, and I. I was able to get over my past and my mistakes even if it hurt at the time…. It made me stronger so that I could start focusing on myself and I could help others as well.

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