Say a Little Prayer for You

Seriously, I say a little prayer for dudes that try to take a woman’s kindness for a weakness, and after I say “Amen” I smile. A woman’s heart is nothing to play with when we reach our breaking point, understand our breaking point includes more than just us coming to a realization that we are better than the man that led us to this breaking point, it also includes us coming up with plans to break a man that broke us. I love find enjoyment in this thought process, because we drag it on to make sure that a man feels our hurt. We as women just calculate it out more.

We start with little stuff like stop answering the phone every time you call, don’t question your whereabouts, reply to texts much later or don’t reply at all, we talk to you differently, (basically we stop talking or keep it at small talk) and we might even start dressing differently. God forbid if a man was naïve enough to believe that nobody wanted his woman or he was the best she could get (boy please). A woman can have you replaced within a matter of minutes. During this time a man doesn’t even know that he has already been replaced and that’s not always with another man, but the woman starts thinking with her head and not her heart.

I personally believe that this “breaking point” behavior is in all females, some just can take more bull shit then others. I say a little prayer for the men that are feeling the pain of a woman scorned, because all that hurt you caused her, is now being returned to you 10 times over.  Just breathe men because it comes in different ways, so pray that the woman who is serving you the same shit you served her has mercy on you. I give no mercy, and I am not kind when put in this situation. Say a little prayer men, it will ease the pain, because you are gonna need. And may the odds be in your favor…… lol. Selah

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