Love and War

The Irony of these Words

Love and War in MY opinion is basically the same thing, because either way you are fighting for something. I do believe that you can have one and not the other. Either you believe and stay for love, or you end a relationship and begin to fight a war within yourself about what you are going to do after a breakup. Fighting for love doesn’t make sense to me, because if I have to fight mentally and emotionally for a person to love me, obviously that is not where I should be. There is a process to the whole going to war with yourself thing and if you didn’t get too damaged while “fighting” for love, the war with yourself won’t be that hard.

Strategy is everything love doesn’t come often we all know that, but when it does we have to understand that taking your time is very important getting to know someone is the biggest key in the process of considering love. You’re living in a fairytale if you think that prince charming is about to show up and hold everything that you find admirable. When people decide to have these high speed relationships that’s a problem. Infatuation feels a lot like love when you know the difference of that you should be okay. My thing is I don’t have to fight for my God’s love I refuse to fight for a mere mortal (watching a lot of vampire movies).

All is fair in love and war, that is something to keep in mind so if you choose to fight for love or go to war be prepared and ready. Make sure you’re a warrior, because you could lose at both and then I don’t know (shrugs shoulders), maybe you will accept the lesson and understand if you have to fight it’s not worth it.

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