I Had To Leave For You To Care

Sad but true!

Crazy thing is leaving takes a lot to do. I had a boyfriend that I really cared about, but he thought that it was okay to stay out all night, talk to other women, and he definitely wasn’t treating me like he had at the beginning of our relationship. He had pulled an old school trick on me, “he built me up, to break me down”. I stayed because I was hoping that he would change his ways, I was going out of my way just to get him to treat me like I was special or even his lady. I would threaten to leave if he didn’t change his ways…. The last time I threaten him he said “who else going to treat you better than me”. A FUCKING dog would treat me better than he was doing.

So I left, because respect is do to a dog and I was this man’s lover and friend and people treat their dogs better than he was treating me. I had to forgive myself for allowing that treatment, but the lesson is learned. I learned that you should only have to ask a person especially the person you love ONCE, all that other shit is irrelevant. I wished the person (who does the hurting) only knew how much it takes someone mentally and emotionally to leave a relationship that they believed in (friendships included) leaving may look easy, but it is draining.

The sad part is some may be leaving to prove a point, but most are leaving because so much damage has been done the only thing left to do is leave. And I HATE a “COME BACK, I’ll do better”, person. Like, really I have to heal from the Hell you just put me through and now you want to do better after I’ve packed all my shit to get away from your disrespectful ass….. now you want to do better. People like that are sick, so you make me cry, don’t help wipe the tears, and you want me to return to that FUCKERY….. NOPE. I told the dude I loved to “just get a dog”. Kudos to the ones that can go back, and are hoping that their absence has changed the person they care about….. But, I give a standing ovation to the ones that don’t go back or if they did they made the person prove that a change has occurred. I myself say it’s not your fault if you go back and that person hasn’t changed and you have to leave again, however this time make that shit indefinitely this time. Know your worth at all times no matter what! Heartache is the worse feeling in the world, but your sanity is more important! You are worth way more than a dog. Don’t stay or go back to a relationship that you HOPE will return to how it once was in the beginning, that would be the biggest LIE you will tell yourself.

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