5 Tips to Help After Heartbreak

How Could You Be so Heartless

Heart break SUCKS, and there is nothing that can cure it. Not another person, a drink, pills, or even sleep. That feeling is just something that can not be described. I myself can only use one word when someone asks me what it feels like and the word is “hurt”. These 5 tips are not going to heal you from that hurt but maybe it will ease the pain.

1) CRY, CRY, and CRY

Yes, cry until you can not cry anymore whether you are man or woman let it out. Don’t hold that in because I promise you it will come out eventually, wouldn’t you rather it be when you can scream and yell throw things without people thinking that you are crazy I know that I would. And get anyone away from you that says that crying is not okay.  It releases so much.

2) Your Feelings Won’t Go Away Over Night

You will still hold feelings for that person, after to the breakup. You are not a super human, and occupying your time will not make those feelings disappear. I hate when someone says, “I really haven’t had time to think about it, I’ve been so busy”. That’s great and all that you’ve been busy, but eventually you will have to face the reality of the situation. And those break downs are the worst when you try to avoid that something has just changed in a dramatic way in your life.

3) Recognize Where YOU Went Wrong

As much as we don’t like to admit to ourselves that we play a part in the ending of a relationship we do. Thing is it may be just a minor thing that was done you still have to own that. Don’t dwell on it to long and if you can’t find anything that you did…. be grateful because you were dating SATAN and didn’t even know it. GOOOO YOU!!!

4) Your VALUE Doesn’t Decrease

Understand that you hold the same value if not more after a breakup. You will always be good enough no matter how you feel. Because when you bounce back from this hurt, the lesson you learn will be like a light at the end of the tunnel everything happens for a reason. You may have some pieces missing, but just knowing that you got through brings your value up to another definition and when you find happiness again you will know that to dodge and what to catch. Love yourself enough to not let anyone get you to the point where you think “I was your trash, but I’ll be the next person’s treasure”, that is stupid you were never trash. Get that in your head and keep it moving.

5) NEVER Go Back to What Broke YOU

There is no grey area in that. Going back is not going to make you forget the hurt or what got you to the point of getting to that hurt. Love and respect yourself enough to move on, no matter how hard it is. That person destroyed you and you thinking about going back for Round 2….. Have several seats. It may take awhile, but getting hurt will make you stronger. Most do go back and they end up more broken than the first time that it happened. Put a NO TRESPASSING sign on your heart. That person has already done enough damage just leave them and that situation alone.

So, these are my tips…. I’m not a professional, but these 5 tips have helped me tremendously. Hopefully it hits home with some of you. Out of all these tips though numbers 1 and 5 are the most important.

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