My Man was Her Man

I cried with her, listened to her for countless hours, dropped what I had going on, and I don’t regret that because she was my best friend. I listened to her complain about her man doing this and her man doing that, no matter though I was there…. However, now at this point as I look back I had never met this man that was hurting her like that and she never mentioned him, she would just say “my man” on the bad days and “my bae on the good days. We were best friends like real deal (or at least that is what I thought. I had a man at the time who was good to me, we both had good jobs (I still do), and my son was more important than all of that.

Anywho, I finally got to the point where I had to slowly remove myself from our friendship because she was bringing to much negativity with what she had going on in her relationship (transfer of energy is real). I’m guess she felt the distance and she didn’t like it. AND that is how I found out my best friend was sleeping with MY MAN. I won’t go into details on how I found out however, I’ll just say, she called and told me!

The crazy thing is all the tears that I had shed with her about this man, who turned out to be my man. I had no tears to cry, because I shed them with her during her pain. Of course I kicked him to the curve, not only for cheating on me, but damn why was he so mean to her… I may not speak to my former best friend however, I am thankful for her friendship. Everyone that comes into your life plays a role, they are either a good person or a villain (I like to use that word it sounds so dramatic) either way learn the lesson. I got rid of a cheating man and a fake best friend. Two birds with one stone, also be careful with the word friend, be careful who you have around your mate, be careful and the biggest lesson I learned from ALL this is have your friend give a full description and provide a name of the man in her life, before you start being that shoulder to cry on!

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