“Why Are We Not Friends”

Real friendship doesn’t have a gender!

“Why are we not friends,” that’s what he said to get my attention and I’m not sure if it was because of the timing, but I fell for the bait. One of the best friendship pick up lines EVER.  Enough so that I didn’t hesitate exchanging numbers on good faith. My experiences with “male friends” had not been the best, because with prior experiences guys claim to want to just be my friend and then get mad at me because I would keep them in the friend zone. Dude once your in the friend zone that is where you stay. Anywho, this dude was a true to what he wanted and that was a “real friendship” (no benefits). He worked a strange shift and didn’t get off until midnight. So, we had to start building a friendship that worked for both of our schedules.

Mind you I was fresh out of high school, had my first job, and newly single. I give this guy credit because he put so much effort into this friendship. He was going through the aftermath of a really bad relationship with a chick he had been with for awhile. I understood his need to have someone to talk to, (and he was easy on the eyes tall, light skin, and gorgeous light green eyes). I would wait for him to get of work or make sure that I was home by that time, I really did enjoy his company. Even if I fell asleep, which happened often, he would make sure to cover me up and lock the front door when he left. I trusted him, not sure why, but I did. On his days off he would he would just come over and hangout and we would just talk for hours, never running out of anything to talk about. Some nights we stay up and the next thing you know the sun is coming up (occasionally we would fall asleep).

This dude set the standards and changed my opinion on having genuine guy friends. He was always supportive of the decisions that I made at that time and I supported him as well. I truly am blessed to have come across not only him, but that kind of friendship. We were young and I miss him sometimes, because I haven’t ran across another like him. “Why aren’t we friends?” is a question that I will never forget because I’ll never forget him. We would lay in my bed both on our backs, looking at the ceiling, and holding hands talking about our futures. The little things made him one my best friends even it only lasted a little while. I appreciate the way God allowed me to learn that lesson. Life happened and we lost touch, occasionally I will see him and we’ll just smile at all the fun times, talks, and the many nights I fell asleep in the middle of him talking. The weirdest someone asked be lead to an amazing experience with a beautiful person.

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