Hey Sis

Sis you are SOMEBODY

Hey Sis,

You deserve better than what you are settling for. Whether it be a job, a man, or some pitiful friends that don’t want anything (so of course they aren’t going to encourage you). Sis, life is a one time thing and if you just want it bad enough you can have it. Sis, you can do whatever you think is impossible, but sis it’s not just going to come to you just because you want it. Research and understand the steps you need to take. Success is free however, it does not happen over night, so you have to really put your heart into it.

Sis, nothing is given to you, you have to make the moves to make it happen and if it doesn’t work the first time learn from your mistakes and try again. Sis, get rid of those friends that don’t support you and I don’t mean that in a monetary way, but emotional and moral support on a constant basis, (give them the same support back). Surround yourself with like-minded people (when you elevate people who you thought were for you will show their true colors). Sis, you will lose sleep, cry tears, want to give up, but you have to put the work in for it to workout. Sis, I may not know your dream and you may not know your dream and you may not have it all planned out, but the point is that you have a DREAM and you’re taking the steps to make that dream become a reality. It’s scary especially if you are going at this alone and that is okay, because if something goes wrong you know exactly how to make it right.

Sis, you have to know your value, search inside yourself and find who you are not what other’s expect you to be. Be who God made you to be. And PLEASE sis if you have a man and he is discouraging and not encouraging you….. GET RID OF HIS ASS!!! We as woman weren’t created just to believe and support a man. That’s crazy sis, know your worth, your past has been over forgive yourself and forgive others, but understand you have control of how your present mindset is at the moment and that is to step outside of what others expect, and go for something that you want.

Sis, no man or woman can stop your shine. Go for it sis and do not be surprised that the people you thought would support you don’t. Your support will come from people that understand you without question (successful people that took the leap just like  you). Sis, you are destined for greatness. Now, go get it.

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