Dear Love

Dear Love,

You sure have been showing your ass lately. Every time Summer is about to show up, here you come messing with the people I care about, people I randomly deal with, and when you feeling kinda fancy you try to mess with me. This is why I have to tell people since I know you so well, “Love doesn’t Love anybody”, because you allow us to use your name like it’s a game. Make people put some “respect” on your name. Back in the day Love, your name was associated with other words like beautiful, happiness, undying, and the list can go on until the end of days.

I was at the store the other day, listening to an argument the couple in the car beside me, (I might have peeped over for a second) were having and the woman said to her man, “you love me, but you texting this bitch, you love her too.” I just shook my head, I myself still believe in the greatness and reality of your name, and I do my best to help others believe in it as well. Love, are you a blessing and a curse? Love, do you even believe in yourself anymore? Love, have you changed your name and we just don’t know about it?  Of course not, because your name has been taken and made into what is easiest to say, “Love doesn’t cost a thing, but Love also doesn’t pay the bills.” When in reality, both of those statements are true. Love, you don’t cost a thing if it’s real and reciprocated. No Love, you don’t literally pay the bills, but two people that really know you will work and pay the bills together. I’ll always believe in you Love, however you don’t know how to act when it starts to heat up outside.

Love, seriously you should go have a talk with your cousins, “Lust” and “Infatuation”. so you can stop getting all the blame. Like, I said I wanted to check in with you, and ask for a favor, spare me some heartache in this heat, also take it easy on the ones that I love. Please, show mercy on people who really still believe in you. I’m sure we will talk soon.

                                                                                               -K. Brooks 

3 thoughts on “Dear Love

  1. Love it!! We must first love ourselves, before we could truly love anyone else. Love get tossed around some much, it has literally lost it meaning. Imagine the love God had for us that he sent his son, to die for our sins!! Now thats love!!!

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  2. Good read! Makes me think of that song “Oh love oh love stop making a fool of me” by Minnie. In reality we know it was the cousins that were making a mockery of love. All love this way!

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