Pretty Smile

What does it feel like to have a pretty smile….? Painful, it sucks (for outer appearances it is a blessing). My smile is my biggest defense mechanism against the world, and I use it for numerous reasons, but mainly to make others smile. I say it’s a blessing and a curse,  just like most things in life are. A pretty smile gives off the thought of innocence, and I’m not sure where that comes from, because I could be smiling right in your face while I’m thinking about how great my revenge on you for hurting me is going to feel. Behind my smile is also a tongue and it will rip you apart with words you would never believe is possible, or can speak words that will encourage you to be your greatest, defend you, and speak words that hold so much love.

Having a pretty smile is great, but the pain that it hides is tremendous, and for some reason people think that if the smile is not in place you are doing THEM a disservice  that is what gets me. I’m basically just supposed to smile all day to make others feel better. The lies you tell yourself, because people will literally go out of their way to take that smile off your face. I think I’ve smiled so much that no matter the situation I smile. Heartbroken I smile, someone dies I smile, angry I smile, sad I smile….. That’s not normal, right? Actually, to me it is, if my heart gets broken I know that God is testing me and greater is coming, someone dies I know they are absent from the body and present with God in paradise, if I’m angry God is testing me to see how much I can handle from the enemy, when I’m sad I smile because I know that God is going to double my happiness to that small thing that made me sad. 

I smile for everyone’s convenience, not just mine. I’m thankful that I can still smile. Even if I have to force a smile everyday I’ll do it because I never know who needs it. But, NEVER take my smile or others who hide behind a smile fool you, because I promise you, my smile is my biggest weapon. What is it like to have a pretty smile…… Painful, however if it blesses others my job is complete…… (no braces were needed, my smile is natural).

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