Grow Up

Growing up is easier said than done, because honestly we grow in some aspect of our life if we pay attention.  Like, tomorrow I will watch my oldest nephew graduate from high school and I wonder if he can see past all of the excitement of the stage and the real world that he is about to face head on. Scary right, not only for him but also for us that have been on this journey with him, the seen and the unseen parts. Then I think he also watched me walk across that stage 14 years ago, was he thinking about me going into the real world…. HELL NO!! He was wondering what he could destroy especially at the age of five.

We will never fully be grown, no matter how much we have been through, because we make mistakes and contrary to popular belief mistakes are lessons, and when we finally stop making the same mistakes that is true growth. Then, we move on to the next stumbling block. We all need to grow up, however we have to understand that statement, “Grow Up”.  Just because we don’t all face the same situations or we handle things differently we need to, be mindful because what makes other people grow, might not make us grow. But if we pay attention to our surroundings growth can happen without us even having to experience it. We all need to grow up, but the thing is we can’t determine when and how this will happen.

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