I’m Just Like You

With no regrets

It’s crazy how people try to separate themselves from others with money, educational degrees, and material possessions, and so on, when in fact we are all the same. We are experience pain and sadness, joy and happiness, life and death…. and the list goes on.  I watch a lot of crime documentaries and I always find something that the families have in common, they can’t bring the dead back and most of the time they have family that needed to tell them something that they wish they had actually wanted to say, but didn’t get the chance to.  I’m just like that and all of you I make a million mistakes, have to apologize, and most of all I am human.

The problem that a lot of us seem to have is that we don’t know how to express ourselves. I love to speak my mind that way if I drop dead right now no one is confused on my thoughts and where I stand. My mind and my words are very important and so are yours. I chose who gets to stay in my life, who I chose to talk to, and what I want to accomplish. I wasn’t always like that though I went through many storms, that seemed they would never end and at first I felt sorry for myself then, I started paying attention to the raindrops. Each drop held a lesson.

Lessons like, if he or she hasn’t changed by now I’m at fault for staying in their company, if he or she keeps trying me like a free sample it’s my fault for playing crazy, and most of all I’m way to valuable to stay in a situation where I know that I can soar way higher just by getting rid of dead weight only letting me make it to a certain altitude. I’ve been through so much and I’m not old at all, but I’m grateful for it all. Timing is everything, the thing is we sit and judge people, when all we have to do is ask them “why”…. why do you come off cold-hearted, why do you walk alone, why do you not trust men or women, like seriously what is your why and can I help you, because honestly most of the time we have been in relationships and friendships and don’t really know who we are talking to….. and that is dangerous.  No one ask why, that is why we have a new generation of people who don’t care because they feel that know one cares about them.

Very few people ask me why and the ones that do I cherish…. those people are your team, because they are just like you. I’m just like you I just might care a little more than most do. We really are just on this earth with people who want to know why and people who could care less about the why, because of selfish gain. I’m just like you…..I just want to know why?

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