If You Think You’re Lonely Now

Seriously, if you can’t be content and happy with your own company then you will NEVER be truly ready for a relationship. Reason being you can’t stand yourself how do you expect another person to put up with you. Also, being alone helps you get to know who you truly are. I love myself, but I only discovered that from being by myself, I know that I can handle and enjoy being by myself. Silence is golden and I know that they say “the mind is the devil’s playground”. Which may be true in some aspects (like if you are an evil bitch) however, you can accomplish so much in your alone time.

Think of your future alone (sounds crazy right, but never leave out the possibility of you having a partner at some point), make a list of things that you want to achieve before you even thinking about love. Being alone doesn’t mean that you aren’t important is just time for you to work on yourself. Before you can study another person study YOURSELF. I promise it will save you a lot of time.

Because, if you think you are lonely now, try being in a relationship without knowing yourself. 

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