Prayer Really Works

Prayer has always been a must in my life, however only because I was raised in church so my prayers were basic. I didn’t fully understand the power of God that He can make the impossible possible and all I have to do is ask, believe, and receive. Last weekend there was a beautiful full moon outside and I couldn’t help but to admire God’s work. I decided to pray truthfully and freely from my heart. I actually believed in what I was praying for.

And honestly, last week after the prayer I experienced the worst week of my life. There was so much negativity, I experienced rejection, people lying on me, situations that I thought might be good for me turned out not to be the best move, and just chaos. I don’t think that I had cried so much. Then I took some time to myself to try and figure things out and clear my head and I remembered my prayer…. It clicked God was answering my prayer, I asked my God to remove any situation and or people that will keep me from reaching my purpose. And all of the pain that I thought was just taking me out, was God cleaning house, because I was holding on to nothing that needed to be removed.

When we pray we need to pray big, because I believed in that prayer and even though I was crying, great things were manifesting. Pray big, because our God is not small, I’ll say it again Pray big, because our God is not small. My tears turned into praises God was listening to me…. Lost is a person who doesn’t believe in the power of prayer.

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