Bad Timing

It was so dark in that movie theater, but I could feel someone watching me. And all I was thinking and praying was whoever is watching me was “please don’t follow me home”! The movie ends the lights come back on and I could still feel the eyes, but now with the lights on I could search the room to catch  the eyes that had been piercing through me for almost two hours, (occasionally I’m sure he watched some of the movie) I saw him as I was walking from the higher aisle of the seats. He stood at the end of his aisle watching me as if he had known me for lifetimes. Crazy thing is when I looked at his eyes I felt as if I had known him before as well. Once in a lifetime encounter, right? Wrong!!!

He knew of me or he had seen me before at least that’s what he said, after he tracked down my phone number from a friend of mine, (which means he had to do some research, because my circle is small). I was immediately intrigued. He was handsome, but what made me fall was how smart he was. We were both in the middle of relationships that we were unsure if we wanted to stay in them or not. So, we couldn’t promise each other anything except whatever free time we could sacrifice. I admired his strength and how great of a father he was, but or timing was completely off. Right man, wrong time.

The experience was amazing, however we both had other priorities that took precedence over our flesh and connection. Thankfully, he was smart enough to think logically along with me, that no matter how much we could have tried to make it work it wasn’t worth all the confusion that would have come with us being selfish. People say, “If you love someone, you’ll do anything to make it work”, and sometimes that is true if you are selfish and not checking the whole scenery out. Say if we would have forced it, and then realized that no matter what the situation was not going to work, we start to resent each other and blame each other. Love is finicky like that and add great sex to that is a recipe for disaster. He was the right guy its just that the timing was horrible. Timing is everything and it can be a bitch. I guess sometimes a little bit of pleasure is better than never experiencing it at all. I don’t regret the situation, however it made me aware that no matter how much you want something, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen the situation was a waste of time, because we enjoyed it, but timing had the last words, “That’s all the timing ya’ll have this lifetime folks.”

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