Dear Sis

Dear Sis,

This is your season, and you are going to be amazing. All of the pain and heartache wasn’t for nothing. It turned you into a beautiful beast, and in the world we live in right now you need to be the beauty and the beast. I watched you and you didn’t break or crumble you turned your pain into greatness. Tunnel vision is what you have now and some may think that is selfish but I believe that is a coping mechanism that others should try to take on.

Sis, your future looks bright from where I am standing, I didn’t have to help you up. You know the strength of God so there was no need, a prayer warrior and a hustler is what you are. Sis, you know you’re worth when a lot of women don’t and you wear confidence like no other. Heartbroken and all, you accept the pain and learn from it. Sis, I’m proud of you and thank you for not hiding, thank you for not breaking, and thank you for showing other women that shit happens and the only thing that we can depend on in this world is CHANGE, because it can happen in the blink of an eye. Embracing it is how you win. Sis, wherever you are I’m proud of you!

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