I’m Just Saying

I am going to keep this short and sweet….. Truth is men aren’t stupid and they know who to try with the bullshit and who not to try with the bullshit especially women. Sadly, they are missing out, because instead of wanting to be with a real women (which has nothing to do with a woman’s look). Strong women carry themselves in a way that a weak man knows not to even try that weak game stuff. We can actually tell a weak man from the first conversation, if we even allow it. I do send a shoutout to the men that go after the strong women, because they know that is how you win.

Understand, a strong woman is not mean, stuck-up, or think that everyone should bow down to them. A strong woman is a woman that knows what she deserves,  what she stands for, and what she brings to the table which is greatness. And she doesn’t have to keep telling the world that she is STRONG. Sometimes, a weak man can shoot his shot at a strong woman and then realize that she is out of his league, (or at least that is what he thinks) and he just disappears. Trust me, strong woman it’s not your fault you could have elevated him in ways that his weak ass never thought was possible so trust me when I say it’s his loss not yours…… Eventually, a strong man will find you, weak men chase, but they won’t chase long because they know that weak women are desperate. A strong woman however knows that a strong man will find her and be clear on their intentions. Strong woman in reality you know that weak men make excuses, strong men make plans.

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