Listen, understand that you are a beast and there is absolutely no need to worry about the irrelevant weeds that you can trample on or even blow away with just a few words. However, why waste the energy on that. It is really some people’s jobs to hate on you and that is okay. Let them do their job I find it amazing. Just because they are talking, doesn’t mean that it will even phase people. I think that the more they talk the better, because they don’t know that their hateful words majority of the time lead the person or people that they are talking about you to come to find you. And BOOM!!!!! Those people are intrigued you in a good way. God always turns what was said or done against you for your bad into to something that will benefit you for your good.

Trust me I know that it is hard to always play the role of the”better person” however, your flesh may take over at times and you just might want to turn around and address the person that doesn’t have a pot to piss in. But just take some deep breaths and remember that if isn’t paying you in any kind of you….. you shouldn’t be paying it any attention. The best revenge is your silence. Being “unbothered” is a state of mind, because their are people out there that wake up to personally try to bother just you and for those people you pray. We serve a God that sits high and looks low let him take care of those that mean you no good. Love those people though, because they need it the most.

Let them bark, because if you were to one day have the time to address these ankle biters….. your roar would literally scare them to death. Stay UNBOTHERED my friends….. you were designed for greatness and it’s not your fault you roar instead or bark!

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