Not Worth It

Believe it or not there are people in this world that actually have nothing to lose, and unfortunately they target people that have actual things to lose. Sometimes you can ignore these people, but every now and then you want to slap the hell out of these hoes. The jail time isn’t worth it, because after you hand out that ass whoopin they go back to their normal deadbeat life and you have to try to rebuild your image. These people are stuck on the person that you once were and that is hilarious.

It is not your fault that you decided to do great things with your life. And, we can’t control the craziness that the hoes want to keep bringing up. I know this chick personally waiting for me to apologize that I did a million years ago, and trust me she will be waiting until hell freezes over. I hear about how she is gong to confront me when she sees me. However, this post is about things not being worth the jail time, but if I am confronted with such foolery in jail with a smile I will sit. Hopefully that does not ever happen.

WE all have that one person that we would drag across the street if we could, however we decided to be successful people while they settled for nothing, so jail is our last option. My advice is to surround yourself with people that won’t put you in situations where you could end up in jail.  When people see you succeeding this brings a lot of hostility with people that have dreams, but refuse to go after what is for them so that makes them go after you. Chase your dreams, love yourself, and don’t let somebody that has nothing to stand on, take you out of character to the point that you end up in jail.

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