You ever wake up and think what is my point or my purpose. So, to get the answer that is going to make you feel like a failure and your life is basic, you head to social media. And, that is the problem people aren’t always who they portray to be on a screen and to base your life on what you “THINK” someone else has or what is going on in their life is self-sabotaging. Truth be told the happiest moment do not make it to social media.

Being perfect is a state of delusion, there is no such thing as perfectionism. Just because we see these super models and may start to compare. Sweetie, when they take that make-up off, remove that hair, and look in the mirror those women are trying to figure out who they are, because they even know that perfectionism is not possible. I wanted to be perfect once it lasted like 10 minutes, but then I realized that no one is perfect.

Being your true self makes you perfect. Looks has nothing to do with it. Perfectionism happens when we accept that God does not make mistakes and we are beautifully and perfectly made. Embrace yourself and you will understand, that you are exactly the person you are supposed to be….. Identifying your purpose and knowing that you are doing the right thing is perfectionism in the eyes of God. You may not be perfect, but guess what no one is. Just be you and understand that “perfect” is a word that is used in the wrong way such as “love”. Please for your own sanity be yourself, because when you try to be someone else, you are fucking up the universe, because you are not playing your part. You may not be perfect, but your placement on this earth is PERFECT.

2 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. Interesting that you say perfection is a state of delusion. Being delusional is believing a story you tell yourself.
    So with that line of thinking you are deleting yourself if you also say you are ugly or worthless. Why not tell yourself the best story of yourself you possibly can?

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    1. And this is why I blog…. I grew up in a family where my grandmother and mom would say “if it’s not perfect, it’s not right”. I never installed that in my head because I knew perfection is perceived in so many different ways… just like “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and a lot of the time when we see what the beholder is looking at we don’t see the beauty (we think that person is delusional because what he sees we don’t). That is how I see perfectionism… it’s a state of mind. Like your comment, I could have read it and ignored it, but I found it interesting. Someone else might have taken it as an insult. I’m not in any way deleting my myself, just because I (Kelli) believe that something or someone can’t be perfect… but I stand by my words, to be a perfectionist is somewhat a state of delusion. Just like we would call that “beholder” who believes what he is looking at is beautiful, however everyone else is looking a dumpster full of 5 days of trash…. thank you for the feedback


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