Stop It

When I was around 15 yrs old I was messing around with this older guy, (I was a freshman and he was a senior) the reason why I say “messing around is because he had a girlfriend who had graduated the year prior and I of course had a boyfriend. We were kids we didn’t know anything about being faithful and damn sure didn’t know anything about love. We didn’t fear the consequences of anyone finding out, but again we were kids. Then, we got older and thought about all the hurt that we could cause if people knew the real timeline and how much or feelings had developed for each other. Neither one of us wanted to be the “bad guy” in our situation. So, we tried to keep it quiet, yet at the same time cultivate and keep what we were both being selfish about….. each other.

As I look back on it now as a grown up I see just how stupid we were. we thought that we were standing on green grass watering our future when we were really watering concrete. We were built on a lie an attraction that was never supposed to be acted on,(no matter how much he walked like Denzel Washington, kissed me, came to see me everyday, and talked to me on the phone everynight until I fell asleep) he was taken and so was I and honestly I can say we were children all day long making teenage hormonal decisions, but if you have to hide what you are doing you know that it is wrong.

Nowadays, women indulge in this type of behavior just to prove a point, (one time was enough for me and I’m glad that I learned my lesson for that and I apologized) these hoes go to far they will be in your face smiling and laughing and texting your man all at the same time. At a young age it was what it was and it was basically a friendship where even though we knew it was wrong we weren’t going to ignore our feelings, but we did not speak in public. These chicks will have a whole baby just to prove to a woman that not only is he cheating on you, he doesn’t give a flying fuck about using protection, therefore he does not care about life. These hoes think they are the green grass when really they are the concrete, because that is where they will be left. Watering concrete is like trying to build a boat out of plastic bags. I was young in this situation (not the pregnant part) and felt uncomfortable. So I’m very curious how these hoes on the concrete can be so comfortable with it?

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