Yes, “I love you”, is my favorite lie that women and men use to sometimes manipulate a person’s mind. I find it quite humorous, but some fall for it and that’s fine too. I just notice that it comes at the most unexpected times, like when you’re questioning if the other person really likes you, all of a sudden they notice you are taking a step back and they use these three words to explain their behavior. Example, you meet a guy things are going good ya’ll are getting to know each other, then it’s like overnight the treatment becomes different, and if you are a female like me, you ask is there something wrong, (never question yourself that person is acting different, question them)and they really don’t respond or act like they are all of a sudden the busiest person in the world. So, you keep it moving, because that person is not the only person in the world. Notice, when you cut that communication all of sudden they not so busy. So, you might ask something like, “why haven’t I heard or seen you?”, and this person has the nerve to say, “I had to take some time apart from you, because I love you and I wasn’t ready for that yet.” Please, don’t fall for this, but laugh at it.

“I Love You” is the most played out line that some still fall for you. I’m not saying that everyone who is saying this is lying, however people out here barely loving themselves so how they going to know how to love you. It’s my favorite lie, because it just flows so easily out of people’s mouth. I always give a little grin whenever it is said to me. “I love you”, since when? When you didn’t come home the other night, when you lied about still sleeping with your baby mama, when you were only supposed to be gone to the store, which takes 10 minutes and it’s been hour, when you got that girl you swore on your kids last breath you wasn’t fucking, or was whenever we are in the bedroom. So much love! “I Love You” gets credit when I read it in my Bible or people that don’t have to say it, but do just because they understand the power behind those three words. “I Love You”, I wonder why people don’t say I like you a lot more than I like other people.

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