My Type of Woman

There is this woman that I know, she is both sun and rain, she is fire and ice. She never believed in fairytales, because the thought of depending on someone to come along and save her was not realistic. She loves the ones that others consider are hard to love, because she herself knows that she is sometimes mistakened as hard to love. When the truth is she knows love to be shown and given in different ways. She loves the broken things in life, because she knows in the eyes of God whatever is broken can be fixed and become an overnight masterpiece. She sees people in words not in looks, because words come from inside the body and determines the beauty a person is really holding. She shares her smile to encourage, motivate, ignore, seduce, and as a distraction to hide her own pain.

Her friendship circle holds people that are very much so like her, yet completely opposite. She has a short attention span and so do most of her friends, this is important to her, because when it comes time to focus on what really matters they all have the energy to get things done due to the fact they didn’t expel to much energy paying attention to things that don’t really matter. She holds so many secrets for others, (which is not a burden) knowing that they needed to tell someone and she was the one they trusted to tell which speaks a lot of her character. She cares about the people and things that need to be cared about, that is her purpose and while she once hated that, it now has become one of the greatest gifts God has blessed her with. She tells her secrets through her tears all alone in the comfort of herself and in the arms of God (usually a quick 5 minute breakdown and the she keeps it moving).

She has been betrayed, heartbroken, lied on, cheated on, emotionally scared….. etc. But she still chooses love. She refuses to give up no matter the situation, she likes the Mr. Wrong’s, not because she wants to make them right, but she relates to them more on a different kind of level. She fights for what she believes in and she believes the most in herself, you will find her forever chasing the sky. Her story could never really be told the right way, because she has never liked the whole “right or wrong” scenario. She is a mother of two amazing boys, a best friend that most don’t know they have, an earthly sister to women she thanks God for every day, barefoot walking, proper/country talking, moonshine drinking, dancing under the stars (everynight), Mr. Wrong loving, hype-woman to whoever needs encouraging, chasing after God’s heart, and so much more type of woman.

This Woman is ME and I love her, I love Me…… Do you love you?

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