Am Not

Do not apologize for being who you are, if you are living in your truth. Trying to please every is simply impossible and most of the people that you are trying to please could give a fuck about you and that isn’t sad that is just the truth. Knowing this truth that “you were not created to make other people comfortable”, is the truest statement ever.  Like, it causes premature wrinkles, you lose sleep, and all kinds of crazy shit trying to be “perfect in the eyes of everyone. I promise you don’t have to care about the right people liking you because those that truly like and will appreciate you in your true form, will seem to magically appear. Some of the greatest people I have ever met really don’t care what people think about them.

My heart goes out to people that crave for people to accept them. I just question the acceptance and the motive for wanting people to be for you. I am not for everyone, because my mind is not focused on the flesh, but the heart of people, the acts of kindness the true intentions, and how they treat people that are not like them. I am not from everyone because I understand that if everyone is all about me then, what is my true purpose. I actually like to make people feel uncomfortable around me, because they have to know themselves. Everyone wants to be liked but to what extent….. being liked by everyone means to me you are like everyone else and that is a major problem.

No I’m not for everyone and that is the point I wasn’t created for that. You are not supposed to be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m not sorry for the people that share a dislike for me as they shouldn’t be sorry if I hold a dislike for them. I’m not for everyone, because if I was I think that I would definitely have to re-evaluate myself. And don’t be sorry for being who you are and if it makes others mad remember….. you aren’t here for everyone, you serve a purpose that only belongs to you. I can’t stand a “I want everyone to like me”,…… take that energy of wanting everyone to be for you and you be for you and watch the difference it makes… sometimes you have to be selfish to become selfish and everyone is not going to like that, but oh well.

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