Don’t Break My Heart

I hate when you start to get serious with a dude and he says, “I love you”, and you already know that you love the dude, but you waited for him to say it. I always have the same response, “don’t break my heart”. That is all I ask for do not break my heart and the dude goes on and on about how he would never do that, he doesn’t play like that….. etc. Then after you start this whole love journey with this person, things start to head towards heartbreak lane.

Asking a person not to break your heart sounds so simple, but honestly it is one of the easiest things you can do. Heartbreak can happen in so many different forms, so you can actually break someone’s heart without trying. When you don’t know a person fully and find out what really makes them happy, heartbreak is bound to happen, because their definition of love and yours could be two different things. Asking someone no to break you heart is selfish, it becomes a chore that you put on a person that might not be capable of not letting that happen. I just say it because it seems like a good response to a dude telling me “I love you”, knowing that he doesn’t really mean it. We will not leave this earth without heartbreak…. I just like to make light of it…..

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