Dream Catcher

I love have always found beauty in “dream catchers”, because they hold many different meanings. People are dream catcher’s without even knowing it. I was one of those people. I would think I know that I’m talented in so many different areas, but out of fear and knowing that even though I was talented in that, there is always some one better. Take this blog for example there are so many talented that are being paid millions just for their thoughts. And, I’m sitting here doing it because I think it’s fun and I because I can. If it’s meant to go beyond what I think then that is completely up to God. I thought about starting my blog and my podcast for two years, because I was scared of fear and rejection. And I regret that because I let fear conquer my dreams.

Then I realized I can die knowing that I had something to give to people, pieces of myself that they can actually use or keep that dream inside of me, trying to break out, but I held it back thinking if it was supposed to happen then it would fall into my lap. The lies that we tell ourselves. The Bible says, “faith without work, is dead”. Nothing will happen if you don’t go after it. you have the dream now make it a reality nothing is impossible. And if you decide to chase your dream or dreams it won’t be easy, you will be criticized and some people might think you are crazy, hell the best part is you will find out who is for you and who is against you. No matter what though, do not give up.

People who are dream catchers and I mean true dream catchers that want to pursue their dream to help mankind in some kind of way are so beautiful to me. Sacrificing so much for a bigger cause all because you have a dream and you refuse to keep it inside, but to share it. So to all the dream catchers out there, I pray you succeed in all you do and thank you in advance.

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