Boy Bye, but Be Great

Dear Ex or Exes,

My dad always told me,”Nana (his nickname for me) if someone give you their ass to kiss, KICK them in it. But, I didn’t know it would apply to my relationships with men that I thought I cared for, the lies we tell ourselves when it comes to love. Anyway,  well I read your text of you confessing your undying love and your continuous apologizes. And I want to feel sorry for you actually I do, only because there is no way in hell that I will ever take you back, but I don’t wish anything bad on you. I’m just glad that your ass finally feels that hurt. While I was home going through a heart break properly,  (watching crime documentaries, listening to sad music, and stuffing my face with ungodly food) you were out having the time of your life. Understand dude the tables will always turn especially if I was innocent in our relationship.

So, now you miss me, those homies ain’t got your back like you thought, and those hoes wasn’t about shit. That’s your problem, because while you were looking elsewhere for a good woman, you had one….. The problem was you wanted your cake and eat it to, homie I was your full course meal, your ass was just to greedy to be satisfied, your eyes were bigger than your stomach, again not my problem.

But, I do pray for you to find true happiness, I hope you fall in love with the woman of your dreams and ya’ll become a dream team out of this world, I hope your children shine so bright that they change the world in a spectacular way, I hope you find God and you wife is just as committed to God as you are, there is so much that I want for you….. Fortunately, I know God and he helped me dodge a bullet….. YOU were that bullet. Understand ex you only miss me because you didn’t know what you had until I was completely gone. I don’t hate you I really appreciate you showing me what a fuck boy is. You had me questioning myself for a little minute….. then I was like, boy bye!!!! I wish you the best I really do but it will NEVER EVER EVER be with me I’m to good for you. And tell your chick to stop with the “woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure”.  Boy let her know that you are just trash…. and that’s period with no tampon!!!! Wish you the best heartbreaker.

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