I have and ex that tries to hit me up every now and again to “check” on me. Basically his ass is just being nosey, and depending on the day I will entertain this ex to make sure he keeps the contact short. Most of you will ask why even entertain him….. I guess because I’m amazed that he was the person that broke my heart for a moment, but I will always be the woman that got away.

He always brings up the good memories and I sit and listen just for a little while, sometimes I get lost in his words, because we did have a good time. However, that is what his heart and mind hold, my heart and mind remember the pain of the cheating, the listening of lies from people that he believed about me without even asking me but blaming me, him promising me forever and then getting married to a woman not even letting me know he was engaged, (meanwhile, he was trying to still be with me) leaving me just because of something he heard, all of my sleepless nights, my loss of appetite, or trying to drink the pain away.

I also remind him that is why I did not chase him, because I was not guilty of anything that drove him to make the decision to leave me. I will not argue with anyone whether I love them or not, if I am accused of something and they form an opinion in  their head without asking.  That is definitely a way that I will cut you off and ain’t no turning back. I remember you leaving being my man and then becoming the man that broke my heart. I remember you being a coward. I remember waking up and my heart feeling better, I remember God restoring my heart and I remember making a promise to myself that I would never return to the man that hurt me. 

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