Love is…. Or I Think

I believe that we as humans experience love on so many different realms, half the time we don’t recognize it, because in the world we now live in money has taken the place…. wait not money has taken the place, love cost money is the way some believe love is shown. In my mind and heart love is so down played love is an action word, because we think, feel, and see it. If I choose to love I will express it through words and physical touch, I’ll constantly be thinking of ways to show that person I love them so they can feel it just as much as I do. My thoughts and movements through the day whether the person is near or far will somehow involve that person.

I like to recognize things that I love and comparing it to a person to measure out if the love that I think I have is truly love or a strong like. For example, I can’t go to bed with eating my favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, then I think about the person at the time that I “love”, and If I can go to bed without hearing that person past simply tell me “goodnight” that is my answer. Love is complicated if you think about it in a logical sense. You just really have to evaluate your experiences with love and what worked with you when dating with love and what didn’t. After that LOVE accordingly.

Like some of my lyrics from my favorite song: “I want a love that is mine in the rain or sunshine, a love to keep me warm when it’s cold…. The kind of love that can never grow old” – The Temptations

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