Simple Things

It’s amazing how possible things could be, however we get in our way. We tend to focus on two things: the past and the future….. totally disregarding our present. And that is the quickest way to fail. Dream boards, affirmations, and trying to manifest things up in our mind is all great, but it takes work and I mean a lot of work you will have setbacks. Oh yeah, let me not forget the rejection. Having a dream is great, but do you have a plan (that plan should have at least 20 other back up plans). Success is not about becoming famous, I believe that each person holds a different definition of success within their mind. To some it might be to grow a business, become drug free, remove people out of their life that don’t mean them any good, learning to accept themselves (no matter the actions of the past), regain custody of their kids, living in their truth, and the list goes on.

Like I said all these things are possible, but the decision has to be made within the present. You have  to put the work in and this applies to me just as well as the person reading this. I spent so much valuable time thinking about my past and constantly throwing a pity party, that I didn’t deserve happiness. I convinced myself that loving others and helping them fix themselves, so that would fulfill me, (or so I thought). Child please! I spent valuable time that I could have been using to be great in the present. I live in the present and I am happy I’m focused on God, myself, (that includes the people that are close to me) and with that I don’t know what the future holds, but I just want the simple things. anything is possible, but I had to start living for TODAY for it to become a reality.

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