You Win, I Quit!

When I meet someone new and we begin the journey of “getting to know each other” and this can apply to friendship or relationship, I always use the rule “treat others how you want to be treated”. I make my intentions clear and ask the other person of theirs. I am loyal to a fault, because I am honest to the T. And that is my biggest downfall or some may think that is a weakness. I consider it a strength because if I choose to fight for a friendship or a relationship that means that I see something in that person that others might not. I have friends and exes in low and high places, and that is how it should be diversity, I don’t discriminate when it comes to truly caring for people. However, if I feel like I am being used or I feel like I’m in a situation where a person just calls on me or communicates with me for just their enjoyment then….. I’m done and that person has got me totally fucked up. I know that people thrive off of this and it may be crazy but if I know that I am just an option in anyone’s life, no matter how much I care about that person or want to contact that person, (I’m guilty of sending random messages, when I miss a person) I always try to remember every technical device that we have access to works both ways. When I’m done, which takes a lot with a person that means even if you do reach out, all I’m going to be thinking about is I was good to you, I was there for you, I was honest with you, I truly cared for you, and you threw me away. Caring for people is not a weakness, it is a strength like I said before however, it is a blessing and a curse. When I’m done with someone it hurts my feelings, because I see beauty in all that is created between a person and I even if it is in a short period of time. There are some people that we all need to be done with. But when I’m done……. I’m done.

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