Easier Said…. Than Done

No matter if it is family, friendship, or relationship sometimes we have to let go of people that aren’t good for us. We outgrow people all the time and it is normal, but it is needed if we want to grow into the who we are supposed to be. I don’t think we understand, (I say we because this includes me) others can be or downfall just as much as ourselves. When people leave our lives especially if it is unexpected that might be a gift a sad gift, but never the less a gift in disguise. Especially, if you are from a small area and you want to keep the people that we have spent our lives depending on, our safety nets is what I call them.

We are capable of being our own safety nets and when that is known and felt the feeling is so incredible. the word “free” is one of the many words to describe the feeling. Some people will hold you back and try to keep you covered because they know that you will be great, They are greedy and some just need you and that is fine being needed is fine, but it is a way to keep you confined. Relationships that have a controlling partner is a big thing and takes away your freedom, but if you have ever left that kind of relationship, you know what the freedom feels like afterwards. Or, you might be scared to leave a friendship, because that one person holds so many of your secrets and you’re scared of the things that might be exposed, so you let your secrets stay captive as well as yourself with that person. Fuck that end that friendship, and secrets never matter, because you did them, no one can hold what you did willingly against you. If you’ve left a friendship like that, I know that freedom was amazing. Family is more difficult I suggest just keeping your distance and leave family business with the people in the family that it pertains to.

Letting go is easier said than done and that is okay. It’s a process a hard process, but the freedom that comes with letting go of the people holding you back brings happiness and a self-love that passes all understanding. Appreciate yourself enough to know letting go is not losing it’s winning, that comes with a lesson or lessons that will make love yourself and help others in the same situation.

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