Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m the damaged one. And they know it that’s why they always leave, maybe I really am “crazy as fuck” as they say. Maybe I need to learn how to talk to a man, maybe I have lost mind (but where). Maybe I should be more considerate of their feelings when I speak, maybe my mouth does cut like a knife when I feel like I’m being disrespected, maybe I’m not really being disrespected and it’s all in my head. Maybe I should have gotten my ass whooped more and put in my place a long time before I met any of them. Maybe the women in my family (my dad’s side) are so strong it may seem like a curse, maybe I was born to be alone and just maybe the happiness I have experienced with any man will always last for a moment. Maybe growing up in the country with nothing but boys enabled me to learn how to treat a man, because I was raised as their equal… maybe I’m just a mess no matter the situation when it come to love and relationships..

OR maybe I’m just a badass woman that refuses to be walked and ran over, maybe my mouth cuts through them because their skin is sooooo thin (not my fault). Maybe I don’t give a fuck if your feelings are hurt because I’m not kissing your ass, maybe my country ass learned from my childhood lessons that you will never have the pleasure of being taught (I can live off the land, bet they can’t) because maybe their mom chose to baby them…. PSA: I’m not your mom so man the fuck up!!! Maybe I find entertainment in seeing the look on their face when I talk back or confront what I feel is wrong, maybe I am “crazy as fuck”, but that’s not always bad. Maybe I am damaged in a sense that they can’t break me down, maybe I’m not easy to brainwash, and maybe I just know who I am and all that I bring…. maybe they need to go spend time in the country and let nature make them toughen up, maybe I do have the blood of some badass women coursing through my veins and it’s a blessing…. maybe I’m just great and maybe they aren’t…. I don’t know, but maybe I was just born to love and experience the moment…. maybe!

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