Dear Sis… Let him cheat in Peace

Dear Sis,

He’s cheating so what’s your next move? Are you just going to rant and rave like last time, take your anger out on the people who love you the most and have your back, instead of on him, or are you going to shut up and let that man cheat on you in PEACE? Might as well give him peace while he is out there living his best life with someone else. No need to make a scene and “act” a fool when he knows you aren’t going anywhere… And Sis direct your anger towards the right person and stop being bitchy about a situation you a full aware of.

Sis, I’ve been there, you don’t deserve that no one does, but at the same time I believe that if he knows you know and you take no action (like leaving) to shift the situation, let him cheat in peace. You can’t be comfortable in disrespect, there is no way… I don’t care what you’ve been through in the past. By allowing this you have now taken on the side chick mentality. Sis remember how much God loves you and many others before you accept this foolery… you were made to be appreciated not disrespected. You alone are ENOUGH!!!!

However, if you insist on staying let that man that doesn’t even respect you enough or can’t decide whether he wants his cake or to eat it…. cheat in PEACE

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