My Ace

After my first heartbreak, I NEVER wanted to experience love again…. I was done because I figured if it hurts like that I could do without. So, I did for 4 years I didn’t take anyone serious until I saw him. And the love bug snuck up to bite me once again. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was friendship after one conversation… then infatuation turned to like and that like turned to love. I found out something about myself that I had always blamed on others, I’m not an easy person to love. But he loved me through it all he encouraged me to start unloading baggage that I hadn’t realized I had been carrying for who knows how long and he didn’t leave. He prayed for me, (even when I was questioning my own faith) that alone let me know no matter if we decided to stay together or go our separate ways, I would always be in his prayers. I call him my Ace my, my life partner even if we don’t finish this life together.

Sometimes, we forget how valuable we are especially when something like a “heartbreak” happens. I’m not saying my Ace holds my value, but sometimes a person that just seems to just magically appear in our life can help us to remember. He parlayed that God would restore my faith in love and I can only thank God for sending someone like that into my life. Love conquers all. My Ace is patient with me even when I’m not with myself. I will always love him whether we are near or far from each other, my best friend he will always be. My Ace, my prayer warrior, and my love.

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