Can I Have My Heart Back… Please?

It happened so fast I didn’t even have time to make sure to place my heart in a safe place by the time he came and stole it. And he stole it while I was looking straight at him… and now that it’s all over he refuses to give me my heart back. However, I can’t call the authorities for him stealing my “heart” and I’m still alive. I kept telling myself he is up to something and I should have listened to myself because Mr. Wrong was in the heart stealing business. He might as well give it back because he can’t do anything with it. He once said, “home is where the heart is” well if that’s the case, where is his home because he’s not here with me, and he has my heart. It’s just plain out rude to take things especially a heart without asking… I really need my heart to love and care… maybe that’s why he stole it because he only wants me to himself to only love him…. why didn’t he just ask to borrow it? I guess if he needed it that bad that he had to result to being a thief he can have it… but if he isn’t using the Love that is held in my heart I really would like to have it back….

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