You Never Know

Success from the start is GREAT, but it’s also rare. You might have an amazing plan for your life in your mind however, if it stays in your mind and the plan is never acted upon because you are scared to fail or fall on your face then you’ll have to live with that plan that never happened, because you have a fear of heights in a sense… nothing comes easy, you have to have faith, (no matter how much you fall on your face) but understand faith without work is dead.

Take that leap and if you fall don’t give up, because I’ve seen it happen… just when someone I know is about to give up on what they want they dust themselves off one more time after continuously falling and next thing you know because of their persistence they finally start to fly… it’s still not perfect but they learned a lesson every time they hit that ground. It takes time, the catch is you have to keep jumping hoping to fly and eventually you’ll catch the right wind…. and you’ll fly… giving up is easy, being negative is easy, and trying once and it not working out is easy… eventually you’ll fly just don’t give up keep jumping you’ll catch your wind….

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