Baby Mama Drama…

The thing is not all baby mama’s are not crazy, actually a lot of us are sane. We trying to live our life and co-parent like we should because we understand that the CHILD is the most important person in the situation. So shit may have went down between the two people that got together (literally) and made this baby, but in the end it didn’t work out. And most logical women will just move on just as the man should as well, but that is not always the case and it gives baby mamas like myself a bad reputation. Unfortunately we have baby mamas out here acting a complete ass because things didn’t workout like they wanted and their life mission is to make that man’s life a living hell.

Listen, if he wants nothing to do with you, but wants to be in the child’s life let that man be great, because honestly you aren’t doing anything but damaging the child and in the long run that child will hold a grudge against you. If he doesn’t want anything to do with you or the child, what are you benefiting by bashing him on social media, stalking the chick or chicks he is talking to, shoeing up wherever he is at to show your ass, and all that extra shit ya’ll be doing. Put him on child support if necessary and even think about that especially if he doesn’t want anything to do with the child. Stop, letting him in your life with the lies also that’s why most of baby mamas go crazy because for some strange reason they let the men double back and it’s just a one night stand.

Listen, you gain nothing bringing baby mama drama, because YOU chose to lay with that man and have a child or children…. STOP saying “it’s about my kid”, because if so why not handle things in a way that if your children are watching they see no hatred or inappropriateness. I want the father of my son that I co-parent with to be great, because I’m trying to be great so our son knows that even though it didn’t work out with his parents we still kept him and his sanity in an environment where love was all we are willing to give.

But you messy baby mamas do to much…… Remember you laid down with the man so don’t dog him out now…. I can’t stamd you hoes.

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