He, She, and They

If I’m about to start a conversation with someone and the other person begins with “he said, she said, they said”, I immediately tune out from the conversation, because 99% of the time, he, she, and they will remain anonymous…. which leads me to the conclusion this is some bullshit. Like, seriously if something is said why not name who said it. Where did the whole “they” thing come from and if “they” were talking does that include the person who said “they”? And if you heard it why can’t you repeat who said it.

Most people that say this or have conversations like this, either know they themselves are revealing information that was suppose to stay within the people that were talking. I just can’t pay attention, because I like to put faces with who said what. I seriously get nervous when a person says, “I heard”, because chances are they made up in their mind what is coming out of there mouth. As far as a person repeating what he, she, or they type of information when talking to me, I’m not listening (probably thinking about going to the beach) so time and words are being wasted. Sometimes, I wonder how old he, she, and they are because they’ve been talking for a long time…

K. Brooks

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